Get involved!

As an RCN member you can work with us to improve equality in the workplace, raise awareness, provide (and receive) support and celebrate diversity and promote equality of opportunity. 

Raise awareness

RCN members from a range of diverse backgrounds have informed us just how hard we need to continue to work to challenge discrimination on all fronts. Our three-year campaign, Is that discrimination? aims to raise awareness of workplace discrimination, build the capacity of accredited representatives and work constructively with key employers to change workplace cultures. Find out more about the campaign.

Become a diversity champion in your workplace

The RCN diversity champions programme recruits and develops leaders and role models for diversity and equality of opportunity.

We now have over 500 registered diversity champions who help change attitudes and practice in their workplace.

Find out how to become a diversity champion today.

Join our LGBT National Network

This RCN membership group acts as an influencing and lobbying agent to prompt lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) equality within the RCN and the health care sector. The network has a formal business meeting at Congress each year and membership of the network enables additional access to the RCN's renowned political leadership programme.

Network members are active at a national policy level as well as locally. Confidentiality is also assured for members who are not out. The Network also celebrates LGBT History Month in February and aims to work in a strategic way within the RCN.

For more information please email the RCN diversity team: diversity.team@rcn.org.uk 

Find out more about equality and diversity

Whatever your job, and wherever you work, promoting equality of opportunity and inclusion will have an impact on you. The RCN supports members at work and you can find out lots of information about equality and diversity and keep up to date with events and news in this field on our diversity web pages. Go to the diversity and equality web pages for more information.

Understand the Principles of nursing practice

The RCN’s Principles of nursing practice tell us what patients, colleagues, families and carers can expect from nursing. These principles are fundamental to our work to promote the rights of health care staff and patients.

Principle A states: ‘Nurses and nursing staff treat everyone in their care with dignity and humanity – they understand their individual needs, show compassion and sensitivity, and provide care in a way that respects all people equally.’

Visit the Principles of nursing practice web pages for more information.

Come and meet us at a Pride event!

Visit our Let's get loud page for details of events you can attend with us. And remember, if you are posting photos on Twitter or Instagram, use #ProudRCN! It would be great to see your photos!