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Friday 19 June

NHS meets target for C.Difficile reductions

New figures from the Health Protection Agency shows that cases of C.Difficile have been reduced by 36% in 2008/9 when compared to the same period last year. The NHS was set a target to reduce cases of C.Difficile by 30% by 2010/11. Figures showed that cases of MRSA in 2008/9 have reduced by 29%.

Ambulances too slow in emergency response

The latest NHS Information Centre figures show that five of the twelve Ambulance Trusts in the UK are failing to meet their serious incident response time targets. In 2008/9, ambulances are required to reach 75% of serious incidents within eight minutes.

NHS fertility treatment inconsistent across the country

A survey from the Department of Health has found that there is a 'postcode lottery' IVF treatment on the NHS. Under NICE guidelines, couples eligible for IVF treatment on the NHS should receive three cycles of treatment, however figures show that only 27% of Trusts are complying with these guidelines.

Viagra goes on sale on the high street

Boots have today started selling the drug Viagra. Boots' pharmacy service will offer a consultation and drugs prescription costing around £80, with patients having the option to return for a check-up and repeat prescription. Health experts said that the initiative will reduce the problem of fake Viagra being sold on the internet. It is estimated that in the UK 2.3 million men suffer from impotence, however only 10% are said to be receiving treatment.

Parliamentary Update

House of Commons

Private Members' Bills Remaining Stages AUTISM BILL  [Cheryl Gillan]

Written ministerial statement from the Department of Health: Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs Council: 8-9 June 2009