RCN Health News Alert

Tuesday 16 June

Nurse contracts swine flu

A nurse who treated Jacqueline Fleming, the first person in the UK to die from swine flu, has been confirmed to have contracted the virus. The nurse, who worked at Southern General Hospital, Glasgow, is not said to be seriously ill. The Department of Health yesterday said that there are 1,391 confirmed cases of swine flu in Britain.

Health risks to women who give birth after age of 35

The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists have warned women that they are putting the health of their child and themselves at risk if they give birth after the age of 35. Health experts say that more needs to be done to raise awareness of the potential health risks during pregnancy such as the risks of miscarriage and infertility.

Organ transplants for children

The Times features an article on child organ transplants carried out at Great Ormond Street hospital. The article looks at several children who have had transplants at the hospital and also discusses the issue of 'presumed consent' in organ donation.

Ways for NHS to cut costs

A Daily Mail column looks at key areas where the NHS can become more efficient and cut costs. The column says that the NHS could save money in energy costs by having hospitals turn off lights in empty rooms and electronic appliances when not in use. The column also says that money could be saved by eliminating delays for operations and vital tests, which often result in the patient having to stay in hospital overnight, at a substantial cost.

Parliamentary Update

House of Commons

Adjournment debates in Westminster Hall: Future regulation of the minerals & food supplement sector [Mark Todd]; addiction to prescription & over the counter medicines [Brian Iddon];

Health Bill Committee - Room 14

Equality Bill Committee - Room 12

Other business

London Assembly Health & Public Services Committee published report Too much, too young? Alcohol misuse among young Londoners

DoH National EWTD clinical adviser Dr Wendy Reid briefing on European Working Time Directive

Health Minister Mike O'Brien announcement on new Regulator for Pharmacy

Public Health Minister tbc speech on Health Bill to All Party Smoking & Health & Heart Disease Groups