Have you had your flu vaccination?

Published: 11 October 2013

The RCN is urging frontline health care professionals to get the annual flu vaccination, following a letter published by NHS England.

“The RCN recommends that all frontline staff get their flu vaccination to help protect themselves, patients, family and colleagues, says Helen Donovan, Public Health Nursing Advisor.  “We encourage all staff to share this clinical evidence and to discuss flu vaccination within their teams as a way of keeping flu in conversation over the vaccination season.”

Protect yourself

Winter is the busiest season for flu epidemics, and the NHS letter has highlighted the importance of dispelling misconceptions and reinforcing the benefits of immunisation. “By protecting yourself against flu, you not only set an example to colleagues and peers but also help to continue providing high quality, compassionate care to those we care for,” said Jane Cummings, Chief Nursing Officer at NHS England.

The seasonal flu vaccination programme runs between September and March. Get RCN Direct advice on seasonal vaccinations, or visit the Department of Health website for information about seasonal flu vaccinations.

Run a flu fighter campaign

Visit the NHS England website for help with running a flu fighter campaign near you.