Have your say at the annual general meeting

Published: 03 October 2013

With the annual general meeting fast-approaching, don’t miss this opportunity to find out about the RCN’s work over the last year by booking your place today. By attending, you’ll also have the opportunity to vote on an important resolution on how to set member subscription fees for the next five years, and ensure we can protect the services that matter to you.

Held on 16 October 2013 in London, this year’s AGM will see RCN President Andrea Spyropoulos, and Chief Executive & General Secretary Dr Peter Carter, address members to explain the importance of the subscriptions resolution. Please note we apologise that the date in the 2013-14 RCN diary was unfortunately incorrect.  

Professor Kathleen McCourt, Chair of RCN Council. says: “It is really important that Council is able to manage the College’s costs effectively. We must protect our frontline services and ensure the RCN is in a strong position to continue providing high-level support to its members in the future.”

Protect the services that matter to you

The pressure on RCN services is growing fast, with 200,000 members calling RCN Direct last year alone. We represented 14,000 members in 12,000 workplaces last year, and we are currently on track to secure £7 million compensation for members this year.

We also supported 1,281 members who had been referred to the Nursing Midwifery Council last year - a 126 per cent increase since 2007.

Protect your services today by registering to attend the AGM and voting on the subscriptions resolution.