Northern Ireland

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RCN urges children to go in to nursing

Published: 12 May 2009

RCN Northern Ireland encourages more children and young people to consider a career in nursing

Assembly rejects nursing post cuts

Published: 21 April 2009

RCN Northern Ireland concerns highlighted during Assembly debate on nursing post cuts

RCN calls on Northern Ireland Assembly to reject nursing cuts

Published: 20 April 2009

RCN urges the Northern Ireland Assembly to reject proposals to axe 722 nursing posts

RCN condemns planned cuts in nursing posts

Published: 10 February 2009

Political support for RCN concerns over impact of CSR efficiency savings

Improving the patient and client experience

Published: 12 November 2008

New standards to improve patient and client dignity in Northern Ireland

Proposals for health and social care reform

Published: 13 May 2008

RCN Northern Ireland submits views on proposed new arrangements for commissioning, performance management and financial management

New childcare support for student nurses

Published: 28 April 2008

RCN Northern Ireland welcomes new childcare allowance for nursing students

New Regional Health and Social Care Board

Published: 04 February 2008

RCN Northern Ireland calls for strong nursing input to new Regional Health and Social Care Board

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