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RCN ZUNO project launched

Published: 16 July 2015

The RCN has launched an international partnership project with the Zambian Union of Nurses Organisation (ZUNO) with a special event in Lusaka, the capital of Zambia.

RCN response to NMC Revalidation Pilot

Published: 10 July 2015

The RCN has today submitted its response to the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC), outlining the RCN position on the NMC revalidation pilot.

Final push for Mary Seacole Memorial Statue

Published: 10 July 2015

A campaign to erect the first statue of Crimean War heroine Mary Seacole is approaching its final stages.

NICE to publish guidance on safe staffing levels for A&E departments

Published: 10 July 2015

Following intense pressure from the RCN, including a near unanimous vote at Congress to oppose the halt to NICE's work on safe staffing, NICE have confirmed it will still publish its work on recommended nurse staffing levels for accident and emergency departments.

NHS nurses' pay increases capped at one per cent

Published: 08 July 2015

Chancellor George Osborne has announced that any pay increases for NHS nurses will be capped at 1% for the next four years as part of today’s Budget statement.

Advocates for health

Published: 06 July 2015

Nursing’s diversity is highlighted in a new publication showcasing the wide range of nursing talent in the South West. Vita FitzSimons reports.

Such an enjoyable job - Dr Peter Carter

Published: 06 July 2015

In his final month as RCN Chief Executive, Dr Peter Carter talks to Daniel Allen about his biggest achievements and future plans.

Women’s Poetry in the Great War

Published: 06 July 2015

Nursing, history, poetry and music came together on Friday for a unique event hosted by the RCN Library & Heritage Centre.

Nurses warn of “storing up problems for the future” in NHS ahead of Budget

Published: 03 July 2015

Ahead of next week’s Budget, the RCN is warning that stealth cuts to funding and short term decision making risk storing up serious problems across the NHS.

NHS pension scheme changes in England and Wales

Published: 02 July 2015

New arrangements came into force for the NHS Pension Scheme in April 2015.

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