European Workforce for Health

In May 2008, RCN expert members and staff, along with our alliance, the European Federation of Nurses Associations, met with the European Commission to discuss developing a consultation on a high-quality health workforce for Europe. The Commission's public health directorate issued a consultation in December 2008 to find out the themes common across member states and to get a clearer picture of the extent to which local and/or national health managers face the same issues. The overarching aim is to enable member states to deliver effective and efficient health systems to meet future challenges. 

The RCN responded to this consultation, welcoming the Commission's decision to identify the impact of the health care needs of an ageing population as well as an ageing workforce. We highlighted investment in the health care workforce as being essential to help bring Europeans through the greater risks they face of poor health, characteristic of times of economic difficulty. 

We have developed a policy briefing (PDF 49KB) [how to access PDF files] describing the broad health care issues for nursing across the UK.