Diversity toolkit

The RCN is embracing technology - and offering an environmentally-friendly solution - by launching its new diversity toolkit on a memory stick.

The free toolkit is being offered to the RCN's registered diversity champions on a 128MB memory stick, in a bid to make it easier to access large volumes of key information without the need to carry around bulky paper files. The diversity team will also issue regular updates to the toolkit electronically, in a bid to cut out the need to print out paper versions.

Launched at Congress 2007, activists attending the event welcomed the new resource. One comment was:

"This is a wonderful idea. I can keep it on my key ring so I always have the information I need without having to carry a huge file around with me."

Diversity champions and activists will be able to replace outdated information by downloading updates and monthly bulletins directly onto the memory stick, without the need to replace the whole document. These updates will become available in this section of the site.

Toolkit updates

Background on the toolkit

Our diversity toolkit will enable you to access the key changes taking place in this exciting sphere of work, as well as providing some practical information and advice.

Our toolkit underpins the following principles:

  • Mainstreaming equality of opportunity and valuing diversity throughout an organisation is about developing and implementing excellence in working practices. These practices allow employees to enjoy working in an environment that is free from unlawful discrimination, victimisation and harassment, along with freedom to develop, achieve and excel within and beyond their existing roles.
  • The best employment practices are clearly those that are recognised and known to be robustly fair and equitable. These are generally based on decisions and negotiations that are inclusive, transparent, and evidence-based, and are made solely on the grounds of merit and that positive outcome is within the reach of all groups.
  • People are an organisation's most valuable resource; we are all individuals who have different needs, experiences, talents and skills. Organisations benefit from diversity when they are able to make constructive use of difference.
  • Achieving equality and diversity within an organisation requires an explicit and concrete long-term commitment and vision, which is integrated into both the strategic and operational elements of the organisation's activities.
  • Patterns of inequality and disadvantage are often covert, subtle and established over a significant period of time. The causes of inequality are multifaceted and closely interrelated. The experience of inequality and disadvantage may be significantly different both between and within the same group of people.

Register as a diversity champion

To find out more about how to register as a diversity champion, and to receive your complimentary diversity toolkit, email your details to: diversity.team@rcn.org.uk.