Diversity news

Improving the Work Capability Assessment

The RCN is campaigning for change in the way that the Work Capability Assessment (WCA) is carried out, following concerns raised by members at Congress 2013. Read more 

Countdown to Congress 2014 

The Diversity Unit have a fantastic five fringe events at congress this year.

LGBT Network: Monday 16 June (lunchtime)

Join us as we hear from the pioneering Paul Martin, OBE chief executive of the Manchester-based Lesbian and Gay Foundation. Paul will be telling us about the Foundation’s future plans as well as the present challenges around LGB equality in health.

Diversity Champions: Monday 16 June (evening)

We’ll be in conversation with the inspirational Gee Walker, founder and trustee of the Liverpool-based Anthony Walker Foundation. Gee will talking about her personal journey for tragedy to triumph. Don’t miss this.

A partnership for equality: Tuesday 17 June (lunchtime)

When the going gets tough, the smart hold conversations that deliver on results.

There may be times when we have to give feedback to others and whether it’s a complaint or a complement that we want to communicate; we all need to build our skills in holding conversations that are both candid and respectful. Learn more about developing your own expertise in giving feedback and find out more about the work of the NHS Leadership Academy and the RCN Diversity Unit in championing equality throughout the NHS.

Equality Reloaded: Tuesday 17 June (evening)

Now, more than ever we are witnessing the impact of a wide-range of forms of discrimination and inequality taking place in the workplace and in wider society that impact on the art and science of nursing in both subtle and obvious ways. The Diversity Team want to hear from you and learn more about the things that you believe the RCN should be focussing in the focus in order to confront inequality.

Mary Seacole Memorial Lecture: Wednesday 18 June (evening)

In a first for this Congress tradition, Jane Cummings, the chief nursing officer for England will be delivering this year’s lecture.

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