RCN indemnity scheme

What you are covered for

You must be a member of the RCN - as a nurse, health practitioner or student member - at the time of the incident for this cover to apply. Please see the RCN's indemnity scheme (52KB PDF) for full details of the scheme.

Our scheme has changed

On Tuesday 1 July 2014 our indemnity scheme was updated.

While the majority of our members are not affected, it’s important to note two changes to the scheme:

  • aesthetic practice will be excluded from cover because of the high claims risk associated with this area of practice
  • work performed under a contract of employment will be excluded 

Please note: if you work in the NHS you are covered by your employer. If you work in the independent sector, you are also likely to be already covered. We advise all members to read the RCN’s indemnity scheme (52KB PDF) to make sure that they understand when the RCN scheme may be relevant.

We’re here for you

Legal support and workplace representation will continue for all members. Last year the RCN supported more than 14,000 members in their workplace, with a further 1,200 through Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) proceedings. 

See our leaflet on our indemnity services, for further information.  

Tell us as soon as possible if you think that you need to rely on our scheme

If you are involved in an incident that you think might lead to a patient or colleague making a claim against you, and you think that the RCN scheme may be relevant, you must report the incident immediately to your RCN office. To be covered by the scheme, you must then complete an indemnity report form. Your local office or RCN steward can supply this.

Get advice

Remember that you should never admit liability for an incident (which is not the same as giving a patient an explanation and apology for an unsatisfactory outcome following a health care or nursing intervention), or submit any written statement about it until you have taken advice from the RCN.

For more information about indemnity please call RCN Direct, available between 8.30am and 8.30pm, on 0345 772 6100 or 020 7647 3456 if you are calling from abroad.