RCN Immigration Advice Service

Key to the advice we offer on coming to the UK to work is that given by the RCN's immigration advisers. Our advisers are authorised by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) to provide immigration advice and services. This service is free and confidential.

The RCN Immigration Advice Service
OISC Registration Number: N200100001

We provide a service to EEA national members and non EEA national members. We provide information, advice, representation and onward referral where appropriate.

The appointment-based service is available to those in RCN membership. Please contact us if you need advice on:

Appeals and visa applications

We do not provide representation or funding for immigration appeals.  In such situations we will signpost to alternative legal representation regulated by the OISC.  We do not give advice on entry clearance applications to the UK from abroad. We also do not advise on immigration applications to other countries from the UK.


Confidentiality is central to the service we offer, which adheres to the Code of Standards of the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC). Any information concerning clients of the service, including whether or not they have contacted the service, will remain confidential to the service. No information will be passed to any outside organisation or individual, or to other staff or members of the RCN, without the client's specific request or explicit permission to do so. A copy of the RCN Immigration Advice Service Confidentiality Policy is available, on request from the RCN Immigration Advice Service.

Opening hours and contact details

All RCN members can access free immigration advice.

Our contact details are:

RCN Immigration Advice Service
2nd Floor
AMP House
Dingwall Road

Email address: immigration.advice@rcn.org.uk
Tel: 0345 408 4391

Who can use the service?

Anyone in membership with the RCN.  We can only proceed to offer tailored immigration advice to members of the RCN who are present in the UK

The RCN Immigration Advice Service would be pleased to advise you as a new member.  The RCN welcomes members at the Membership section of this site.