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COVID-19 individual risk assessment letter

We have developed the below letter to send to your employer regarding an individual risk assessment during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We know that this can feel quite scary to do, but you can be reassured you are doing the right thing in raising your concerns and the RCN will support you to take things further if needed.

Copy and paste our model letter below

Dear [Insert manager's name],

Individual risk assessment

I have read the Royal College of Nursing’s self-assessment checklist, which indicates an individual risk assessment should be carried out by my employer. I have one or more risk factors, which mean I am at risk of developing severe health consequences if I contract COVID-19.

The RCN’s self- assessment checklist follows NHS guidance on identifying which staff are more at risk.

As my employer, you have duties under health and safety regulations to protect my safety at work and I am formally requesting that you carry out an individual risk assessment as a matter of urgency.

The risk assessment should identify what risks I am exposed to in the workplace (including work in the community) and what measures you should take to remove or minimise the risk of harm.

The following links will assist you in carrying out the risk assessment:

England -
Northern Ireland -
Scotland -
Wales -

If a risk assessment is not carried out within one week, then I will be escalating this matter to the Royal College of Nursing.

I look forward to your response.

Yours sincerely,

[Insert name]