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Nursing during a pandemic: share your experience

Members working in health and care settings across the UK are facing unprecedented challenges in their daily working life. 

When talking to employers, politicians and officials, the RCN needs to know the very latest experiences of its members. 

Please take a moment to leave any information you would like to share about the impact the outbreak is having on you and your workplace. This can be positive experiences as well as sharing concerns about equipment, capacity or the emotional toll this situation is taking. 

To confirm you are a member of the RCN, we are asking you to enter your membership number. We will never identify you or your employer and the content will be anonymised if used by the RCN and its leaders in media interviews or in other places as examples of nursing staff experience. 

If you require specific advice from the RCN, please continue to contact RCND. Writing below is also not a substitute for raising concerns in your workplace

Please feel free to write more here in the coming weeks as things change. 

We are extremely proud of our members and the way the nursing profession is rising to this challenge. 

Thank you for sharing your personal experience. 

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