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A picture of a nurse with text that reads Activism Academy: Be the change

Activism Academy

How to get involved

Using our power and winning change

The RCN Activism Academy is here to empower you to win meaningful improvements and positive change in your workplaces and in the nursing profession.

We want you to be a part of nursing activism and lead on the issues that matter the most to you. You are the RCN. By joining with other members you can make nursing activism a force to be reckoned with!

What kind of activist are you?

Answer the following questions and find out what kind of activist you are and what you should get involved in.

See what activism here at the RCN looks like in practice at Congress.
Do you want to improve the student experience and create connections with other students?

Become an RCN student ambassador

This is a role for a nursing student who is passionate, who wants to make a difference, who has energy and enthusiasm and who is willing to become active with the RCN to make positive changes. The RCN Student Ambassador role is open to RCN members who are in the student member category. Learn more about becoming a student ambassador.

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Do you want to influence clinical practice and be part of a specialist community?

Join a forums and networks

Forums and networks are groups of RCN members who work or have an interest in a particular area of professional nursing practice. All forums provide you with the opportunity to keep up-to-date with development in your field, contribute in consultations, network with your peers and explore career development opportunities. Learn more about influencing clinical practice.

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Could you be there for our members when they need support and representation?

You should become a rep.

Becoming an RCN rep gives you the chance to make a real difference to your patients, the working lives of yourself and your colleagues - and even the future of nursing. Learn more about becoming a rep

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Do you want to meet other RCN members and share your ideas and energy for change?

Get active in your local branch.

You can make a difference by getting involved in the RCN locally. From becoming a rep and campaigning to attending a branch event, find out what is happening in your area. Learn more about getting involved with your local branch.

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Do you believe that when members come together, our collective voice can win big systemic change?

Learn about organising here at the RCN.

You and your colleagues are experts in your workplaces, and you know what your patients and the profession need. Organising is the way for members to collectively demand change, take action, and ensure employers take the right steps.

Across the UK, no matter your job, employer, care setting, or issue, you can be part of the organising movement, leading the issues that matter to you. No matter how big or small. The RCN is with you every step of the way. Together, let’s use our voices to demand the changes we deserve. Learn more about organising here at the RCN.

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Do you want to be a local touchpoint for national campaigns that are getting our voices heard on the big issues?

Get involved with our campaigns.

We need your help advocating for fair pay for nurses and safe staffing levels. Tell us your story to get started with these campaigns. Learn more about our campaigns.

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Follow us

At the RCN Activist Academy, we want you to be a part of the conversation. Follow us on X/Twitter and use the hashtag #RCNActivism with a message about your experience in the nursing profession.
A nurse on strike holding a megaphone

Get active

Bring your expertise and experience to a new role. Develop knowledge and skills to support members and influence change in your workplace and area of clinical practice.

An RCN rep

Become an RCN Rep

Whether it’s helping someone to develop their career, checking that staff are working safely or supporting members through the most difficult of times – our reps are there every step of the way.

Student ambassadors together.

Become a student ambassador

Supporting, influencing, promoting and advocating for student nursing experience.
An RCN member holding up a shirt from her local branch

Get active locally

Link in with your local RCN and connect with your branch to get your voice heard on local issues. 

Use your voice

Our power comes from our ability to stand together and demand what we need for our profession. Join your local branch, learn the basics of organising, or get active in one of our campaigns to build that power with us.

A group of nurses talking

Influence clinical practice

Forums and networks are a gateway to influencing developments in your field.
RCN members from Somerset NHS Trust

Get organised

Now is the time for you, your colleagues and the nursing profession to stand up and speak out. 
An RCN member holding a sign that says Safe staffing saves lives

Campaign with us

Lend your voice and energy to help our national campaigns reach all our members.

Be the change

Join our RCN Activism Academy to help us build power and win meaningful improvements throughout the nursing and health care professions. Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date with activism here at the RCN. 
RCN reps standing together