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12 blog posts
  • Sara Hawthorne Sara Hawthorne 24 Aug 2021

    Research and beyond, my COVID-19 journey (so far)

    February 17 2020 wasn’t like any other day. I swapped a set of scrubs, from my position as theatre practitioner, for my nursing uniform and began my first shift in my dream job as a Senior Clinical Research Nurse at Saint Mary’s Hospital, part of Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust (MFT).

  • Womba Musumadi Mubita Womba Musumadi Mubita 23 Aug 2021

    Diabetes Research Team- Managing research during COVID-19 Pandemic

    This blog is about managing complex device research studies during the COVID-19 pandemic. This blog relates to diabetes research and it highlights how critical thinking and innovation led to a successful delivery of both research and clinical care.

  • Luke Ward Luke Ward 23 Aug 2021

    A Clinical Research Nurse's pandemic experience

    This blog details some of my experiences as a Senior Clinical Research Nurse during the pandemic and the benefits of research to the community and wider population.  

  • Gabriella Lindergard and Claire Fox Gabriella Lindergard and Claire Fox 23 Aug 2021

    Experiences as research nurses working on COVID trials during the pandemic

    This blog covers accounts of reflections from how the focus of our work changed completely over a few weeks during the start of the COVID pandemic and what we have learnt from it.

  • Brenda Chivima and colleagues Brenda Chivima Brenda Chivima 28 Jul 2021

    The research side of COVID-19

    This blog collates the experiences and perspectives of members of the surgical research team during the Covid-19 pandemic and highlights common shared challenges, lessons learnt and how this impacts our practice in providing patient care during these unprecedented times. 

  • Amy Sanderson Amy Sanderson 27 Jul 2021

    Transition to Staff Nurse to Sister through the Pandemic

    COVID-19 has affected every single one of us in one way or another, changing the way we work, think and ultimately live our lives. Changing roles during this time has being especially difficult due to the pandemic, but it is achievable and actively encouraged. 

  • AIRNC 2021 v1 Bridie Kent Bridie Kent 18 Jul 2021

    RCN International Nursing Research Conference goes digital!

    RCN International Nursing Research Conference goes digital!    

  • Linda Tinkler Linda Tinkler 20 Jan 2021

    Me and my hats: all of them evidence-based!

    #HelloMyNameIs Linda Tinkler and I've been invited to write this blog to support the launch of the new RCN App, which I personally think will be a fabulous resource for you if you are Starting Out in your nursing career.

  • Collette Stevenson Collette Stevenson 20 Jan 2021

    Undertaking a Master's Degree - a personal perspective

    Five answers to five questions you are afraid to ask about undertaking a Master's Degree.

  • Louise Bolton Louise Bolton 20 Jan 2021

    My journey towards a clinical academic career

    From the beginning of my nursing career, I always had an interest in evidence-based practice, particularly around how the opinions of patients and carers influence how we deliver care and move our services forward.