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Practice based learning

Once for Scotland

Introduction of the new NMC Education Standards in Scotland


A Scottish Future Nurse and Midwife Programme Board has been established to support a ‘Once for Scotland’ approach to the implementation of the new NMC Standards. The chair of the group is Professor Fiona McQueen, Chief Nursing Officer Scottish Government with representation from the NMC, Council of Deans, Scottish Executive Nurse Directors (SEND), National Strategic Group for Practice Learning (NSGPL), Scottish Care, Scottish Collaboration for the Enhancement of Pre-registration Nursing Group (SCEPRN), NHS Education for Scotland, Royal College of Nursing and Royal College of Midwives.

Overall project objectives include:

  1. To provide strategic oversight, direction and governance to the implementation of the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) Standards of Proficiency for the registered nurse and forthcoming pre-registration Midwifery Standards for Education and Training.

  2. To consider the future nurse role in its entirety in Scotland.


The Programme Board is supported by six work streams with the following outcomes:

  1. National model for practice learning support:
    • Develop a national model for under graduate and post graduate practice learning with a workforce of practice supervisors, practice assessors and academic assessors, supported by a network of Practice Education Facilitators/Care Home Education Facilitators.
    • Develop a national framework for identification, preparation and ongoing professional development of practice supervisors, practice assessors and academic assessors in Scotland with alignment to a refreshed education career and development pathway.

  2. Quality learning environments:
    • Implementation of national Quality Management of the Practice Learning Environment (QMPLE) system for student feedback.

  3. Curriculum context that can be developed through post graduate pathways. Consideration of indicative content for undergraduate topics which will be further developed through post-graduate pathways and associated Continuous Professional Development.

  4. Refreshed national approaches i.e. national Practice Assessment Document.

  5. Prescribing-ready content developed (undergraduate) to facilitate commencement of postgraduate prescribing programme V150 following registration.

  6. A well informed workforce, supported by a national communication plan.

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Once for Scotland

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