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An Economic Assessment to evaluate the Bradford telemedicine service provided by the Metabolic Medicine team at Salford Royal Hospital

Briony McNelly, Learning Disability Liaison Nurse, Northern Care Alliance NHS Group

Briony's case study was completed in 2018 and reflects 2018 prices

Briony McNelly has applied the principles of economic assessment to evaluate a specialist metabolic telemedicine service providing care closer to home for patients with inherited metabolic disorders. Briony shows the set up and running costs of the current nurse/AHP-led outreach telemedicine service with the Consultant linking in from Salford and considers the costs and benefits of this service when compared to a Consultant-led out-reach clinic. Presenting the tariff income as a benefit, Briony demonstrates that the telemedicine service is a considerably more efficient means of providing the service.

Briony then considers the potential costs and benefits of enhancing the roles and responsibilities of the nursing/AHP personnel providing the out-reach clinic and demonstrates the value of the model proposed.

Finally Briony illustrates the potential for increasing capacity to meet the rising demand for the service by demonstrating the costs and benefits of providing two outreach clinics per day instead of one (as currently provided).

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Case study

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