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Implementing a District and Community Nursing workload tool, to determine safe staffing levels and skill mix in a community care provider organisation

Carolyn Jackson, Director England Centre for Practice Development, Faculty of Health and Well Being, Canterbury Christ Church University, Kent

Carrie's case study was completed in March 2016 and reflects 2016 prices

The demand for care closer to home is rapidly increasing, which is putting pressure on organisations to safe deliver district and community nurse caseloads, staffing levels and skills mix. Despite such pressures, alternative systems for managing workloads is limited because of a national shortfall of robust workforce evidence.

Within the context of a larger study, Carrie Jackson, Director, England Centre for Practice Development at Canterbury Christ Church University, performed an economic assessment to consider the costs and the benefits of implementing Cassandra, a community workload analysis tool from the perspective of a community care provider.

Cassandra would be accessed through a web-based platform, available on mobiles, tablets and computers and would enable organisations to systematically capture workforce data about what care was being delivered, in which context, by which grades of staff and what care was being missed or left undone.

Carrie found that the annual set up and running costs to the organisation of using Cassandra are very small in comparison with the potential savings that could be made in terms of improvements in staffing levels, quality of care and the patient experience.

The particular strengths of Cassandra are that it reflects the multidimensional complexity of care being delivered across different populations and geographical areas, whilst also demonstrating what care is being missed or left undone, potentially saving community care providers thousands of pounds each year.

Carrie found that Cassandra is also helpful in managing staff wellbeing through measures that focus on the reduction of additional hours worked and overall sickness levels across the organisation, both of which, if not monitored, can negatively affect team resilience.

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