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Economic evaluation of the role of the non-medical Approved Clinician

Delia Wainwright, General Manager, Devon Partnership NHS Trust

Delia’s case study was completed in 2018 and reflects 2018 prices

Delia Wainwright demonstrated the value of developing the role of a non-medical approved clinician for an inpatient learning disability service. Delia set out the policy drivers and local context for this role development and has shown that her proposal is both safe and cost effective. She argues that evidence shows there is no risk to quality or service delivery.

Delia concludes that when fully implemented a non-medical approved clinician has the potential to release recurrent financial savings of £34,102.68 per annum. Compared to an agency locum Consultant Psychiatrist, a non-medical approved clinician is shown to be £101,506.68 per annum more cost efficient.

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Case study

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