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An economic assessment of the Roald Dahl sapphire paediatric epilepsy nurse specialist service

Hannah Chaffe, Roald Dahl Sapphire Paediatric Epilepsy Nurse Specialist, Ashford and St Peter's NHS Foundation Trust

Hannah's case study was undertaken in 2017 and reflects 2017 prices

One in 100 of the population in the United Kingdom are affected by epilepsy, a chronic illness which impacts on a person's emotional, physical, mental and social wellbeing. NICE recommends that children and young people with epilepsy should have access to an epilepsy specialist nurse.

Hannah, a Roald Dahl Sapphire Epilepsy Nurse Specialist at Ashford and St Peter's NHS Foundation Trust, supports children and young people with epilepsy and their families by helping them to be better equipped to manage their seizures. She supports the families by being the first point of contact for them, supporting them in the community by making home visits and training staff at schools and nurseries and providing care plans for each child. To demonstrate the value of her service, Hannah used a cost avoidance approach. She stratified her caseload using criteria she developed and ratified through peer review. She then examined 'typical' high dependency cases, applied a sensitivity analysis and predicted potential costs avoided. Hannah's predictions were then subjected to multidisciplinary peer review and Hannah concluded that her service may avoid between £23,210 - £65,296 per annum, when working with those with the greatest need at any one time. She plans to do further work to explore the impact of her service on those patients and families in the medium and low dependency categories.

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