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About the EGM


What is the EGM?

An EGM, or Extraordinary General Meeting is held by an organisation to discuss subjects of importance outside of its usual yearly meeting, the Annual General Meeting. The Council of the Royal College of Nursing has called this EGM following a petition by some of its members to discuss the RCN’s communication process around the NHS 2018 Pay Deal, and to discuss the members confidence in that process. The EGM resolution can be found below. 

In addition, the signatories of the petition called for a vote of no confidence in the RCN’s leadership. This vote of no confidence will be taken at the end of the discussion.

What is the format of the EGM?

There will be short introductions from the petitioners and the Council.  Members will then debate the issues and then there will be the opportunity for members to question the Council and the Executive Team and for them to respond.

Following the debate there will be a vote held on the motion of no confidence in the leadership.

The EGM will take place at the Birmingham Repertory Theatre and is expected to last from 11am until around 3.30pm.

What is the EGM resolution?

The EGM resolution is a motion proposed by the petitioners which members can vote in favour or against. The resolution for this EGM is “We have no confidence in the current leadership of the Royal College of Nursing and call on Council to stand down”.

Read the statements from the petitioners and RCN Council.

What is a vote of no confidence?

The members who signed the petition proposed the resolution that they have no confidence in the leadership of the organisation.

As a member, voting that you agree with the resolution indicates that you have no confidence in the College’s leadership and by implications want to see changes in the membership of the Council.

What is the Council of the Royal College of Nursing?

The Council of the Royal College of Nursing is elected by the membership of the College. RCN Council includes a member for each Country and Region, a health care assistant and a nursing student. Collectively they set the strategic direction of the College on a voluntary unpaid basis.

The day-to-day running of the College is the responsibility of the Executive Team, previously led by Janet Davies. The Council’s responsibility is to hold the Chief Executive & General Secretary to account for the implementation of the strategy they set.

To become a member of the Council an individual must be elected by the members in their Country/Region or by their constituency. Elections take place every two years. Once elected, that member will serve on the Council for four years. If they wish to serve further on the Council, they must then be re-elected.

Additional information

Staff who will be attending the EGM

The RCN Executive Team will attend the meeting. In addition there will only be staff who are involved with supporting the meeting itself.

Chairing the EGM

In accordance with the Standing Orders general meetings are chaired by the President of the RCN.

Webcast details

The link to the webcast will be accessible from the homepage of the RCN website on the day of the EGM. The link will take you to the members’ area of the website so you will require your log-in details.

EGM minutes

The EGM will be minuted by staff from the Governance team. Please remember minutes are not a verbatim report but a record of the discussion and the decisions taken. To assist with the minute taking please say your name clearly before speaking.

Budget and cost of the EGM

The EGM is expected to cost in the region of £50k - £60k. This includes hire of the venue, catering, IT, production and staffing costs.

The cost of the EGM was not included in the 2018 budget as it was not known about in advance of the budget setting process.

Rules for EGMs

Rules for General Meetings

The rules for General Meetings are set out in the RCN’s Standing Orders. These rules follow best practice and are in line with those of organisations and companies in all sectors.


The quorum is 150 in person or by proxy.

Notice of business and resolutions

Members must be notified at least 21 days in advance of the date, time, venue, and business to be transacted at a general meeting. A proxy voting form has to be issued with the formal notice. The proxy voting will be online on the ERS website. Members were emailed a link to vote by proxy on Thursday 6 September. 

EGM requisition and signatures

Council may call a general meeting or it can be requested by members if they obtain 1000 signatures.