Governance review 2021

Involving you in looking at how the RCN is run and how key decisions are made 

At the RCN General Meeting in November 2020, members voted in favour of a resolution calling for a comprehensive review of the governance of the RCN, to be led by RCN Council.

It said the review would examine: 

  • the RCN Charter, Rules, Standing Orders and all associated policies 
  • the role and structure of RCN Council and Council committees 
  • the role of General Secretary and the executive function   
  • the outstanding areas of work from previous governance reviews.  

We’re keen to make sure members are at the heart of shaping decisions about the review so it’s fit for purpose and makes recommendations that are both meaningful and result in desired change.  

In March 2021, we invited members to share their thoughts about the scope and process of the review and to let us know what they think it means for the RCN to be member-led and transparent. 

Members of RCN Council have carefully considered these responses and they’re being used to help determine how best to proceed with the review, both in terms of what it includes, and how to involve members in it. We’re now also looking back at previous governance reviews to establish whether further work needs doing on any former recommendations.  

To make sure the review is fully independent and thorough, we’ve decided to appoint an external company with expertise in this area to conduct it. A tendering process will be undertaken to make sure the company with the right credentials, which offers the best fit for the RCN and value for money is chosen.   

The appointed company will work in partnership with RCN members to finalise a plan for conducting the review. Once this has been agreed, we will make it clear how we’ll be consulting members and provide multiple opportunities for them to get involved.   

Pending the full review, Council has begun to review the process for RCN elections and decided to use an independent returning officer to oversee the Deputy President elections and now the President elections, which are currently underway. 

Meanwhile, RCN Council has reiterated its commitment to being open, honest, and transparent with members. Monthly online “town hall” events have been set up to give members the chance to meet their Council representatives, ask questions and raise any issues of concern. 

We’ll update this page as the review progresses.