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Our annual general meeting (AGM)

Watch the AGM webcast

RCN members can log in and watch this year's RCN annual general meeting which took place in Belfast on 16 May 2018.  
12,168 Votes cast at AGM

AGM 2018 Ordinary Resolution Vote

The voting arrangements at General Meetings are set down in the RCN Standing Orders.

RCN Standing Order 17.1 requires that all resolutions put to General Meetings are voted on in first instance by a show of hands.

After the show of hands has been carried out the Chair of the Meeting or at least ten members present in person can then demand a poll. This would happen if the issue is of sufficient import for the views of all the membership to be taken into account or when the vote in the hall is not decisive.

We followed this process at the AGM on 16 May 2018 for the vote on the resolution β€œTo authorise Council to set RCN member subscription fees for a further five years with the commitment that fees remain frozen for 2018 and 2019”.

The resolution required a simple majority to be passed.

The show of hands in the room clearly indicated that the majority of the members in the room were in support of the resolution.

The President however decided to ask for a poll to ensure that the views would be taken into account of all those members who had cast a proxy.

The Group Secretary had explained to all those in the room that if they had already cast a proxy vote online they did not need to complete the poll card unless they wanted to change the way they had voted. It was confirmed that if a member did vote again their original vote would be discarded when ERS verified the result after the AGM.

Members completed their poll cards by putting a cross in the relevant box and they were collected in ballot boxes. After the vote ERS counted the votes and the indicative result was reported as follows.

   For                    Against                 Abstain            
Votes by proxy 10,360 1,028   402
Votes in the meeting  603  47  9
Total  11,233  1,075  411
Percentage   91.3%  8.7%  
Total votes cast:  12,308

Following the AGM ERS verified the result, discounting proxy votes cast by those who subsequently attended the AGM and also voted in person, and the final result was as follows.

  For  Against  Abstain 
 Votes by proxy and in the meeting 


 Percentage 91.2% 8.79%   
 Total valid votes cast 12,168

The report of voting can be downloaded.

Any questions about the RCN AGM can be sent to

AGM 2018 Agenda

At the AGM members will hear about the RCN's activities over the past financial year as well as receive the annual report and financial statements. There will be plenty of opportunities to ask questions about the RCN and to raise matters of a professional interest. The AGM is a key opportunity to see how your subscriptions are being spent and to help shape the future agenda of the RCN.

To find out more you can read our Guide to General Meetings and the RCN Standing Orders.

1.00pm: Doors open for AGM.

1.30pm: Welcome from the President and commencement of the AGM. Items: 

1. To confirm the 2017 minutes and matters arising. Copies of the minutes are available here and will also be available at the AGM;

2. To receive the 2017 Annual Report of Council from the Chair of Council, Maria Trewern. Members can download the report and it will be available at the AGM. The annual reports of the RCN FoundationRCNi and RCN Holdco are also available to download.

3. To receive the 2017 Financial Statements as set out in the Annual Report from the Honorary Treasurer, Dave Dawes;

4. To consider the following ordinary resolution: To authorise Council to set RCN member subscription fees for a further five years with the commitment that fees remain frozen for 2018 and 2019; and 

5. To discuss any matters of a professional nature which are of importance to the interests of members – you may email questions before or during the meeting to

4.00pm: End of AGM.

Ordinary Resolution

Members at the 2018 AGM will be asked to vote on an Ordinary Resolution: To authorise Council to set RCN member subscription fees for a further five years with the commitment that fees remain frozen for 2018 and 2019.

The RCN's Standing Orders state that the annual subscription rate should be set by members on the recommendation of Council. At the 2013 AGM, members authorised Council to set the subscription fee for the next five years and during that period there was an increase of 1%, in 2014.

This year members are asked to again allow Council to set fees for the next five years, with no increase in 2018 or 2019.

RCN Council is committed to -

  • keeping any increases as low as possible
  • setting the exact rate for each year after discussions and consultations with members through boards and branches
  • continuing our focus to drive efficiency in our operations and generate alternative sources of income as a way of ensuring sustained financial viability.

For more information members can read a presentation about the Resolution and why Council is asking for you to support it.