Forum Chairs Committee

Forum Chairs Committee (FCC) is made up of the elected chairs of each of the RCN forums. It reports to Professional Nursing Committee through Forums Governance Group. FCC works to promote the role and value of forums within the RCN and to ensure the voice of nurses working in specialisms is heard in RCN decision making.


Sally Bassett, Chair - Nurses in Management and Leadership Forum
Ruth Harris, Vice Chair - Research Society
Karen Barnard - Society of Orthopaedic and Trauma Nursing
Jonathan Beebee - Learning Disability Nursing Forum
Julie Begum - Rheumatology Nursing Forum
Yvonne Bronsky - Midwifery Forum
Sarah Burden - Education Forum
Jen Charlewood - Advanced Nurse Practitioner Forum
Jessica Davidson - Nursing in Justice and Forensic Health Care Forum
Jean Davies - CYP: Professional Issues Forum
Ed Freshwater - Mental Health Forum
Annette Gilmore - eHealth Forum
Julie Green - District and Community Nursing Forum
Julie Gregory - Pain and Palliative Care Forum
Angela Griggs - ENT-Maxillofacial Nursing Forum
Fiona Hibberts - Gastrointestinal Nursing Forum
Ken Hull - CYP: Continuing and Community Care Forum 
Julia Judd - Society of Orthopaedic and Trauma Nursing
Stephen McKeever - CYP: Acute Care Forum
Nikki Morris - Cancer and Breast Care Forum
Gillian Priday - CYP: Specialist Care Forum
Fiona Pringle - Fertility Nursing Forum
Debbie Quinn - Neuroscience Forum
Kerryn McGowran - Critical Care and Flight Nursing Forum
Anne-Marie McAuliffe - Perioperative Forum
Debra Ritsperis - Defence Nursing Forum
David Smith - Emergency Care Association
Penelope Stanford - Ophthalmic Nursing Forum
Denise Thiruchelvam - Public Health Forum
Suzanne Watts - CYP: Staying Healthy Forum
Sonja Wijesundera - Diabetes Forum
Stuart Wildman - History of Nursing Forum
Alison Wileman - Bladder and Bowel Forum

You can find out more about FCC by reading the terms of reference.

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