Frontline First: November 2012 update

13 November 2012
In this report we analyse official statistics to assess the health of the nursing workforce and warn that the NHS may be sleepwalking into a crisis. 

The RCN believes that the NHS is sleepwalking into a nursing crisis in England that is drawing closer as the size of the cuts increase. If the Government continues on its current path it will find itself stranded in a perfect storm of an ageing population with increasing health care demands, but without the adequate nursing workforce to deal with it.

In light of these dangers, it is crucial that the Government takes stock at this halfway point and address these issues now. The RCN believe that we have a real opportunity with the formation of Health Education England to take a long-term approach to workforce planning and secure the future supply of nursing staff.

The RCN calls on the Government to take action and prevent NHS trusts across England from continuing with this damaging agenda of cuts that impact on patient care. We must protect the crucial role of nursing for the future – if not today, then tomorrow may be too late.

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