POLICY: Experiments in autonomy: Vanguards, Devos, and the Five Year Forward View

A nursing perspective

03 September 2015
Briefing describing the origins and provides analysis of two key aspects of that activity: NHS England's Vanguard programme, and the Devo Manc initiative in North West England. It further considers the challenges they present for both nursing and the nursing workforce.

The RCN is actively monitoring all of the various integration schemes across the country, and providing commentary and analysis where practical and possible.

Our policy team are working closely with the RCN North West region, to look at the RCN can do to promote the interests of nursing and nurse leadership, as Devo Manc is further developed and implemented. As other devolution arrangements are announced we will look to extend this work.

Over the coming months we will be publishing a series of briefing and reports, including some guides for RCN representations. We’ll be examining various aspects of the Five Year Forward View, and the Vanguard programme, including the Pioneers, focussing on the role that nursing does or can play, as well as considering how they stack up against similar approaches being adopted internationally.

If you have any comments or wish to contribute further, please email policy.international@rcn.org.uk

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