The cooperation and competition panel in England - One year on

15 April 2010
The Cooperation and Competition Panel (CCP) was established in January 2009 as an independent agency to provide advice to the Department of Health in England, Monitor and Strategy Health Authorities on issues arising from the Government’s policies of choice, co operation and competition. The panel is now a year old and has reflected on it’s work over the last year based upon the CCPs own report of it’s performance. This briefing provides a brief review of the work of the panel.

The CCP’s job is to assess whether the principles and rules of co-operation and competition have been met. These principles are currently being reconsidered by the Department of Health. In addition, the CCP’s own guidance is not yet finalised. They have been consulted upon, but no revised guidance has been published which responds to stakeholders comments. You can read the RCN’s comments on this guidance on our website.

This means that the CCP continues to operate but is using guidance which is soon to be out of date and with processes which may also be subject to change which provides an uncertain environment for all stakeholders.

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