NHS failure regime

26 July 2012
This briefing provides an overview of the current and future approaches to an NHS failure regime. 

The RCN acknowledges that difficult decisions need to be made. We will be working closely with interested parties as South London Healthcare Trust goes through the unsustainable regime. We stress that the overriding focus should be on continuing to meet the needs of patients in a safe and high quality service.

We also know that staff who are working at South London Health care Trust are facing significant uncertainties and have been working under pressure to deliver the best care that they can, but will understandably be concerned about their future. There is a clear need for engagement to really deliver the intention of not losing staff motivation whilst the Trusts goes through the unsustainable provider regime.

In planning for the future, there need to be very clear and swiftly implemented plans for clinical engagement. This must include the nursing perspective to inform the development of options and the final choices of appropriate solutions to deliver safe, high quality care that is sustainable in the future.

As difficult decisions are taken about the new model(s) of services, we urge that they are assessed against the principles for the NHS, and our own principles to inform decision making. These include: quality, accountability, equality and partnership.

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