Help inform our response to monitor: Consultations on procurement, patient choice and competition

10 June 2013
This presentation gives a summary of a suite of consultations from Monitor including guidance for commissioners on when to use competition. Monitor, as the new sector regulator for the NHS in England has particular responsibilities in enforcing new regulations on procurement, patient choice and competition 
  • Adherence to existing legislation (e.g. compliance with patient rights to choose as set out in the NHS Constitution) – Monitor cannot change the underlying legislation 
  • Commissioner-led approach to competition – commissioners decide when or when not to use competition, but they must be transparent about their reasons and process 
  • Monitor will take a cost/benefit approach when considering whether the rules and regulations have been broken and if so, which action they will take. This is not just about money, but also a qualitative assessment, and looks at whether patients are affected or not (for good, or bad)

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