PARLIAMENT - Named Person Service and the Children & Young People (Information Sharing) (Scotland) Bill Written Evidence

25 August 2017
RCN Scotland submitted evidence to the Scottish Parliament’s Education and Skills Committee’s call for views on the Children and Young People (Information Sharing) (Scotland) Bill.

We have also created a brief information document for members - which can be found here.

The Education and Skills Committee asked for views on the Children and Young People (Information Sharing) (Scotland) Bill. The Bill was introduced to the Scottish Parliament on 19 June and makes provision for information sharing in respect of two aspects of the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014. The Bill was introduced in response to the Supreme Court’s Judgement. The Bill proposed a “Duty to Consider” information sharing in place of previous information sharing provisions.

The submission makes clear that RCN Scotland continues to support GIRFEC and the principle of the Named Person Service. But it does not support the legislation put forward in this Bill. The RCN will continue to engage constructively with the Scottish Government on the principle of the Named Person and how best the service can be implemented for children, young people, and families across Scotland.

If you have any comments or would like to find out more information then please contact the RCN Scotland Policy team by emailing them at or by filling in the attached feedback form and sending it to Policy, RCN Scotland, 42 South Oswald Road, Edinburgh, EH9 2HH

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