Inquiry response: Health hazards in the health care environment

05 March 2019
RCN Scotland response to the Scottish Parliament Health and Sport Committee inquiry to identify the scale of any health problems acquired from the healthcare environment in Scotland whilst also considering the wider implications for health facilities across Scotland.
Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs) are everyone’s business, not just nurses and doctors – patients, visitors and all those working in hospitals have to take HAIs seriously and play their part in stopping their spread. Processes for maintaining the physical environment and equipment are also key. All staff, including nurses and health care assistants, need to be aware of their national regulatory or statutory requirements in order to support their employing organisation to meet and improve the expected standards which provide assurance to patients and the public that safe and high quality health care systems are in place. The RCN is supportive of the work of the Scottish Patient Safety Programme in raising awareness of the actions required to reduce HAIs and improving monitoring and reporting and ultimately reducing the number of HAIs across Scotland’s NHS.

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