Policy: Falls and Fractures Prevention Strategy for Scotland

12 August 2019
There are a number of elements within the strategy which if implemented meaningfully have the potential to improve services for people who experience, or are at risk of experiencing, falls.
It is very welcome to see that the strategy recognises that preventing falls is not just about reducing physical harm but also about combating the negative effects falls can have on a person’s mental health and overall wellbeing. The RCN is pleased to see that the strategy has a strong focus on the importance of enabling people and that the relationship between falls and confidence is reflected. Making links between reducing falls and supporting people to remain socially engaged has the potential to improve services for people in an integrated way, however this will require meaningful action if true positive impact is to be experienced by the people most vulnerable to falls.
If you have any comments or would like to find out more information then please contact the RCN Scotland Policy team by emailing them at policyscotland@rcn.org.uk or by filling in the attached feedback form and sending it to Policy, RCN Scotland, 42 South Oswald Road, Edinburgh, EH9 2HH