POLICY: Emerging Directions: An analysis of Scottish integration authority strategic plans with a focus on nursing and health care issues

28 October 2016
A review of all 31 integration authority (IA) strategic commissioning plans which had to be completed by April 2016 as the Public Bodies (Joint Working) (Scotland) Act 2014 was fully commenced. The RCN commissioned this report to understand what the plans said about the future of health and care services and nursing in order to shape the future work of the College in this changing landscape.
This review of the 31 integration authority strategic commissioning plans points to a significant shift in the way services will be provided in the future.  Moving from an illness to a wellness service will challenge traditional ways of working.  Nurses, and healthcare staff more generally, will increasingly have to work differently with others who also have a contribution to make to population health. Importantly, nurses will need to be clear about their specific contribution in a much changed landscape of provision and co-production.

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