BRIEFING: The Buurtzorg Nederland (home care provider) Model

25 April 2016
This briefing looks at the successes of the Buurtzorg model, while also identifying some of the challenges which would need to be addressed if the UK were ever to adopt a similar system approach. The content and analysis have been updated to reflect developments taking place across the UK with regards to piloting Buurtzorg, as well as the growth of RCN about how the model works.
Founded in the Netherlands in 2006/07, Buurtzorg is a unique district nursing system which has garnered international acclaim for being entirely nurse-led and cost effective. The latter point has sparked particular interest in the UK where meeting the needs of an ageing population in a cost effective way is a key challenge. The RCN welcomes the remarkable success of the Buurtzorg model. Its demonstration of nursing capability and self-management in delivering ever better patient care is a great boost to the profession's morale, both in the UK and internationally. The RCN hopes that by learning from Buurtzorg's approach, the critical process of nurse-led innovation for patients – which was so important in forging Buurtzorg in the first place – can be strengthened in the UK.
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