Personal health budgets

05 October 2011
This paper seeks to provide a broad overview of personal health budgets (PHBs) including what they are and what they aim to do, the findings of the current pilots, key issues for the RCN and the RCN’s position.

When implementing PHB pilots and policy, DH stated that personal health budgets should

  • Uphold NHS values
  • Support safeguarding and improve quality
  • Support tackling inequalities
  • Be voluntary
  • Support working partnership
  • Support decision-making as close to the patient as possible

These are principles that the RCN wholeheartedly support. However the RCN is not convinced that these same principles are driving the policy currently. Given the present financial context and other challenges outlined above, the RCN has serious concerns that the Government will be able to deliver optional, appropriately resourced and supported PHBs within an appropriate system of safeguards.

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