The case for change

Why England needs a new care and support system

22 May 2008
On 12 May 2008, Gordon Brown and Health Secretary Alan Johnson launched a public debate about the long term future of England's care and support system. A six month engagement process has now started with the public and all those involved in care and support for adults to set out clearly the case for reform and to consult on a number of questions. The responses to these questions informed the development of a number of reform options, to be set out in the Green paper published in early 2009. The attached briefing is intended as an introduction to the issue of social care and the Policy Unit asked for comments from as many members as possible on this high profile and important issue.
The RCN intends to consult widely with members and the nursing profession as a whole on the issue of social care. On the day of the launch of the consultation document Dr Peter Carter, Chief Executive and General Secretary of the RCN noted that the organisation welcomed "the opportunity to contribute to such an important document on social care".

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