Quality Innovation Productivity and Prevention (QIPP) in England

06 June 2012
Quality Innovation Productivity and Prevention (QIPP) in England is a national programme to deliver quality, innovation, productivity and prevention in the NHS. This briefing provides details on the programme and asks for more transparency so that the public, patients and staff can know what QIPP means for them, and to reassure them that it is not just focusing on short terms cuts but will deliver against all four of the areas covered in the QIPP title. 

The RCN recognises that the NHS needs to change just as broader society and individuals' health needs and opportunities for prevention change over time. That change however needs to be carefully managed to avoid a 'slash and burn' approach.

Our Frontline First campaign has identified that a short term approach to achieving efficiency savings is being adopted. We worry about the damage that this will be doing to patients today, and in the future, but also know that this won't be able to deliver efficiency savings in the future. The RCN wants to work with organisations to make changes in partnership.

We are concerned that QIPP may not lead to re-investment. Whether that is perception or reality is hard to unpick when details of individual QIPP programmes are kept confidential/ The RCN calls for greater transparency in QIPP plans to enable all interested parties to explore what QIPP means in practice and to help hold the NHS to account.

If you have any comments or wish to contribute further, please email policy.international@rcn.org.uk

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