Pre-registration nurse education

The NMC  review and the issues

01 September 2007
Pre Registration Nurse Education: The NMC Review and Issues sets out the background to pre registration nurse education and identifies the review key issues and their implications.

The NMC review of pre-registration nurse education and the English Department of Health consultation on post – registration career pathways are an opportunity for the profession to comment on how future nurse education and domains of practice can best serve health care needs and ensure nurses are fit for practice. There will no doubt be some passionate and intense debate as some of the issues raised – for example what happens to the current four pre-registration branches – will be contentious. It will be important for the profession to be as objective as possible and reflect on the enormous changes to health care delivery and organisation that will continue to take place, including changes to the nursing role, contribution and responsibilities, in reaching solutions and conclusions. 

The RCN will embark on a communication and consultation strategy for both documents as soon as they are launched and will aim to garner the opinions of as many members as possible.

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