Competency framework for integration authority nurse board members

05 July 2019
A joint publication by the RCN, NHS Education for Scotland (NES) and the Scottish Executive Nurse Directors (SEND)
These are relatively new professional roles for IA nurse board members which require a range of different skills and ways of working in order to influence, as ensuring the quality and safety of patient care requires the voice and clinical expertise of these nurse leaders. The skills and competencies required for this role have emerged from the lessons learnt and experiences shared by IA nurse board members as participants of the RCN co-produced development programme, Creative Influence in an Integrated World. The time is now right to develop a competency framework for these roles to ensure there can be national consistency and ongoing support.

These competencies have been developed by the RCN, the Executive Nurse Directors group (SEND) and NES. These competencies will need to continue to be refined as the roles evolve. To support future succession planning into these roles they must be seen as developmental in nature.
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