POLICY: Named Person - A briefing on implementation

01 March 2015
An RCN Scotland briefing on the implementation of the named person role within the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act
This briefing is for all RCN members who will be impacted by the introduction of the Named Person role. In particular, it is for those who are likely to be the Named Person for pre-school children (i.e. Health Visitors or nurses from the family nurse partnership (FNP) programme) and those who will be working with them (e.g. midwives, school nurses and other children’s nurses).
If you have any comments or would like to find out more information then please contact the RCN Scotland Policy team by emailing them at policyscotland@rcn.org.uk or by filling in the attached feedback form and sending it to Policy, RCN Scotland, 42 South Oswald Road, Edinburgh, EH9 2HH

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