About us

If you are a member in the South East there are a number of ways you might want to get in touch.

Raising concerns

If you have concerns about standards in your workplace or feel you need to raise a concern, visit the Raising Concerns section of this site.

Having problems at work

If you are experiencing problems at work, you first need to speak to RCN Direct who might be able to provide you with some answers over the telephone or they might refer your case to the relevant regional office. You can also change your personal contact details here. Contact RCND on telephone: 0345 772 6100.

If you have an open case

If you have an open case that you need to speak to an officer about, then contact the relevant regional office who will put you through to your officer.

Becoming active in the RCN

If you are interested in becoming more active in the RCN and would like to speak to someone about how, you can also contact your regional office.

RCN Council

RCN Council is the organisation's governing body and is responsible for setting the priorities, objectives and policies of the RCN. The RCN South East Region has two Council Members - Sylvia Simmons, email: sylvia.simmons@rcn.org.uk and Rachel Greaves, email: rachel.greaves@rcn.org.uk.

South East Regional Board

The regional board meets quarterly. If you have a question for the board or would like to attend a board meeting, find out how on the board page.

Your local branch

You are most likely to have contact with your local branch. You can find out which branch is closest to you on the branch page.

Frontline First

If you want to tell us about examples of waste or inefficiency in your workplace, or if you want to tell us good news about the innovative work you do, you can use the Frontline First website to share your news.