The RCN's Legal and Governance review

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Chair of RCN Council, Michael Brown presents an update on the RCN Legal and Governance Review.

Since 2009, we have conducted a full review of RCN legal and governance in three separate phases. For more information please select the following:

About the review

The goal of the review is to ensure that we have a fit for purpose legal and governance framework that enables us to fulfil our Royal Charter objectives and work as effectively as possible.

The project has been co-ordinated through a staff planning group which reported to the Governance Support Committee, a sub-committee of Council. Council itself is the key decision-maker with a number of important decisions being made by the membership in general meeting.

Phases one and two are now complete. Phase three which includes the Council review, is the last final element of the project.

Outstanding work

There are two significant pieces of work remaining in the Legal and Governance Review – the Council review and the completion of the new regulations.

The Council Review Group started its work in December 2014.

The completion of the new regulations is ongoing as the review proceeds. An index to the regulations was completed in 2012 and this identifies the work that is required to be undertaken.

Michael Brown
Chair of RCN Council

Further information

To request further information on any of this work, please contact Stephanie Wilson, RCN Governance Support Manager on stephanie.wilson@rcn.org.uk