RCN Deputy President election

The RCN is delighted to announce that members have elected Cecilia Anim as their new Deputy President. Cecilia will take up office at the RCN's Annual General Meeting in London on 20 October 2010.

Cecilia trained as a midwife in Ghana and came to the UK in the 1970s.  Since then, she has worked in various medical settings before specialising in family planning and all aspects of women's health. She is currently employed as a clinical nurse specialist in contraception and sexual and reproductive health at the Margaret Pyke Centre in London. She has been an active RCN Steward for 15 years, is chair of her RCN branch and staff-side Secretary.

Below are the full results. You can read the candidates' election statements by clicking on their names.

Cecilia Anim - 5,859 (elected)  
Claire Hale - 4,638
Jason Warriner - 4,541
Jane Bovey - 4,428   
John Hill - 3,200
Judith Whalley - 2,951 

Download the full Deputy President election report (PDF 86KB) from Electoral Reform Services.

The ballot for the election of the Deputy President for 2010-2012 was re-run because one of the original candidates withdrew for personal reasons before the ballot closed. On the advice of Electoral Reform Services, the independent scrutineers of the vote, we decided to re-run the ballot on the grounds that the votes cast for the candidate who has withdrawn could have been material in the outcome of the election.