Candidate details - Kathryn Lowe

Election: London Board

Seat: Student member

Candidate name: Kathryn Lowe

Candidate email address: lowe.katy@gmail.com

Biographical details:

Branch of nursing/midwifery being undertaken and course:

Mental health student nurse

RCN activities over the past ten years:

Student Information Officer since May 2009

Election Statement:

As a Mental Health Student Nurse at the University of Greenwich, I am passionate about my own learning and that of my fellow students. Through my role as a Student Information Officer (SIO) I have helped organise and run a recent student seminar, attended by London-based Student Nurses who heard talks by a variety of speakers on the subject of nutrition. I regularly attend SIO meetings and regional activist meetings as well as national conferences and congress. Through these meetings I am able to meet student nurses from all over London, as well as national, universities and understand the issues that affect us all. I have represented my student cohort within my university and have been involved in successfully implementing changes to the programme and personal tutor groups which benefitted students. I try to keep up to date with research and changes both within the UK and internationally that could influence us a students and, in the future, as qualified staff. I would relish the opportunity to represent the student nurses of London to the Royal College of Nursing.