Nursing Department

We have carried out a review of the Learning and Development Institute. As of April 2013, the new department has been called the Nursing Department and has three key teams who are instrumental in delivering our professional agenda as a Royal College of Nursing.
The Nursing Department is led by Dame Professor Donna Kinnair.
There are three Assistant Heads of Nursing, one for each team:

The Nursing Team- led by JP Nolan, Head of Nursing Practice

The Nursing Team is made up of nurse advisers, co-ordinators and administrators, who work together to influence, develop and support nursing practice. In order to achieve the aims and objectives, the team spend much of their time developing strategic relationships with statutory, voluntary and independent organisations, the Departments of Health, medical royal colleges and industry. They also offer direct advice to members and staff in Regions and Countries in responding to service redesign consultations, advising on aspects of clinical practice and speaking on specialist areas of nursing and health care. The Nursing team also support the work of RCN Forums, RCN Students, the Executive Nurse Network and a range of other networks and groups. The Nursing team will be reviewing its service and developing a stronger professional leadership and clinical expertise offer for the RCN.  

Standards Knowledge and Information Services- led by Rose Gallagher, Interim Head of Standards, Knowledge and Innovation

The RCN’s Standards, Knowledge and Information Service is an authoritative source of professional nursing standards, knowledge and information for developing insight and transforming care.

A key part of the service, The Royal College of Nursing Library and Heritage Centre documents, preserves and explores the past, present and future of nursing in the United Kingdom; and manages the most extensive resource for nursing in Europe. It aims to inspire learning and debate on issues that concern nursing for the benefit of all, providing a high quality collection of research resources to suit nurses at all stages of their careers. The service also offers a growing set of practitioner tools, Bulletins and care quality and safety resources.

The Team lead life cycle quality assurance to industry ‘gold standards’ of RCN research, publications and practitioner tools for care transformation, and act as a corporate memory for the RCN. Making sure we comply with the RCN quality framework and labelling process means users can have confidence about what they’ll find and its use. Having specialist researchers and information professionals in-house allows the team to rapidly provide knowledge for learning, decision making and action.

A driving principle of our service is that we help nurses and health care assistants become skilled and confident in searching for, critically appraising and using knowledge and information, and able to contribute to continually growing the nursing evidence base.

The Professional Delivery Team - Dr Stephanie Aiken, Head of Education

The purpose of this team is three-fold:

  • Developing, monitoring and assuring professional standards within the newly structured Accreditation Team
  • Developing confidence/competence of practitioners/managers/leaders through Professional Learning Facilitators being based in each of the English Regions
  • Developing tools and resources to support the effectiveness of nurses/nursing in the workplace through a blended Learning/on-line learning team.

The vision and mission statement for the Nursing Department is: “To strengthen the role of the RCN as the leading authority on professional nursing, standards and learning and development activity"