Proxy voting at general meetings: proxy votes held by RCN Council members

In addition to the provisions under Standing Orders 17 and 18 the following procedures apply to votes at general meetings cast by RCN Council members acting as proxy for RCN members.

1. If appointed as a proxy, RCN Council members must declare in advance of the general meeting how they will cast their vote.
2. This declaration must be made on an individual basis to the person appointing them as proxy or by publishing the declaration on the voting paper or other instrument by which the vote is cast, and in other communications to members about the vote.
3. Following the general meeting details of how the proxy votes held by RCN Council members were cast will be published on the RCN website or other appropriate communications channels.

This regulation is now in effect and was applied for the first time at the AGM in October 2011.

This regulation was agreed at the RCN Council meeting on 21 July 2011.  Item no. 11/68.