Health Care Assistants and Assistant Practitioners: RCN regulations for the RCN Health Practitioners’ Constituency

At the RCN AGM on 26 October 2011, RCN members voted to amend the RCN Standing Orders to give health practitioners, such as health care assistants and assistant practitioners, full membership of the RCN and provide two seats for them on RCN Council.
In order to implement this, two regulations were agreed by RCN Council on 9 February 2012. These

a) define the health practitioner constituency


b) defines the committee to represent health practitioner members.

The regulations are as follows:

Regulation on health practitioners’ constituency

Standing Order 5.2.4 provides for the admission to membership of the RCN of those who are engaged in supporting nursing in health and social care as Council may from time to time determine.

Standing Orders 7.4 and 9.6 provide for the election to Council of two seats representing a health practitioner constituency the members of which are recognised in the manner described in the RCN regulations.

This regulation defines the health practitioner constituency as comprising those members who are eligible to join the health practitioner category of membership as defined in the “Definitions of Membership Document” described in the Regulation on the Membership of the RCN approved by Council in November 2011.

Regulation for the Committee representing health practitioners

Standing Order 9.6 provides for a committee to represent health practitioner members.

This regulation defines the committee to represent health practitioners as a committee elected from the constituency of health practitioners as defined under the Regulation on health practitioners’ constituency.  The name, composition and terms of reference for that committee shall be approved by RCN Council.