Desiree Deighton

Staff Nurse

About Desiree

Desiree Deighton is a newly qualified staff nurse in children's nursing. She first started thinking about her innovation The Safe Baby Book whilst in her first year as a student nurse when on a placement with the Neonatal Outreach team. The team were responsible for organising the safe and effective discharge of vulnerable babies from the neonatal unit, and would then carry out home visits to the families. 

It became clear there was a real difficulty in communicating information about sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) despite using interpreting services, as Bradford district has up to 250 languages and dialects. Each visit would demonstrate that new parents had not understood the advice and prevention strategies provided and they did not seem to understand the risk of SIDS to their infants, despite them often being particularly vulnerable due to prematurity, respiratory illness, needing oxygen therapy or nasogastric feeds in the home, poverty and poor housing.

The Safe Baby Book is a language-friendly tool for professionals to use with non-English speaking parents to communicate information about sudden infant death syndrome effectively. Based upon current advice by the NHS and The Lullaby Trust, the booklet uses images to flexibly support any language and empowers all parents with the opportunity to keep their babies safe. 
Recently, the book had been launched at Bradford’s neonatal unit. The book is placed in the Child Health Record and used by the health professional and parents throughout discharge planning, as well as once the family are back home. There is a professional’s page to record the safety advice given and evaluation forms to gain valuable feedback from the service users. 
Potential future expansion includes evaluation from nursing staff and parents in the summer 2019, as well as the potential for collaborations with paediatrician led community teams who care for infants with bronchiolitis in the home.

The Safe Baby Book explained