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Jayne Price

Name: Jayne Price 

Job title: Professor of children's nursing

Specialty: Children's nursing

Organisation: Kingston University and St Georges University London

What is your current role?

I am a Professor of Children's Nursing at Kingston and St George's University London and am a Trustee of Shooting Star Children's Hospice. I am a professional lead and responsible for children's nursing undergraduate education at the joint faculty. My area of expertise has been for almost two decades children's oncology nursing and children's palliative care. My clinical background has led to an academic career where I aim to influence the care of children and families through education, scholarly publications and research. I was promoted to the role of Professor in 2017.

What was your route to this role?

As a staff nurse in children's oncology I was asked to teach some sessions in the university on childhood cancer and children's palliative care. Those ad hoc teaching sessions was how it all started and soon after I completed my MSc and PG Dip Education. I took up a full time post in education in 2000 and gained a competitive scholarship to undertake a Full time PhD in children's palliative care in 2007. Published widely and was invited to share my knowledge nationally and internationally. I moved from a university my native Belfast in 2014 and was promoted to Professor after 2 academic years there.

What prompted you to do this role?

I enjoyed learning myself and loved to garner interest in others about care and practice. Mentoring students was something I enjoyed and I think that really was the catalyst for my move into academia.

What education/courses/modules have you undertaken to equip you for the role?

  • MSc advanced nursing
  • PhD 
  • PG Dip Education 

How do you see yourself developing your skills?

I'm always learning and developing new knowledge and skills about my specialist area of clinical practice, teaching and research. My role as Trustee has really enabled to develop my skills/knowledge related to charitable organisations, fundraising etc.

What is your long-term career plan?

It was always my plan to be a professor by the time I was 50 and I did it with a bit (a little bit) of time to spare.

What advice would you give someone thinking about moving to work in your area of practice?

I would advise someone who is considering going into children's nursing education to make contact with their local university and ask for opportunities to become involved in possibly student recruitment or some sessional teaching, this will get them known and will also give them a taste of academic life, before they make the jump.

What do you most enjoy about this area of care?

I love my job, it is certainly not a Monday to Friday job and some people still ask me do I not miss being a 'proper nurse'. I am a proper nurse and my motivation is still to ensure best care for children and families, but for me it is through the education and development of the nurses of the future.

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